American Sign Language Grants

Lutheran High School Students interested in continuing to learn American Sign Language (ASL):

If you have taken the first-year ASL 1 course at either ALHSO/AGVA or St. Croix Lutheran Academy, you can take a second-year course online through AGVA and may qualify for a scholarship to cover part of the cost! WELS Mission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will provide grants that cover half the cost of the ASL 2 course tuition. To qualify for reimbursement of half the cost of the ASL 2 class, students will need to enroll in ASL 2 through AGVA, paying full tuition, and remain in the class. Near the end of each semester, students can apply for the grant by completing a small skills test. The teacher will then provide the grant application which each qualified student will use to request tuition reimbursement from WELS Special Ministries. Tell your parents about this grant!