American Sign Language Grants

Lutheran High School Students interested in continuing to learn American Sign Language (ASL):

If you have taken the first-year ASL 1 course at either AGVA or St. Croix Lutheran Academy, you may take a second-year course online through AGVA and qualify for a refund grant to cover part of the cost! WELS Mission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is offering a grant that refunds half the cost of the ASL 2 course tuition. To qualify for reimbursement students need to enroll in ASL 2 through AGVA, pay full tuition, and earn a passing grade in the class. The teacher will provide Special Ministries with a list of qualified students. Students request the half-tuition reimbursement from WELS Special Ministries by emailing the request to along with a copy of paid tuition bills and your contact information. Tell your parents about this grant!