Student Characteristics

Profile of a Successful AGVA Student

Students who enroll in AGVA courses possess a wide variety of interests, talents, and abilities. Instructors with years of online teaching experience agree that students that have a successful and satisfying online learning experience often share the following characteristics.

  • Self-motivated: Students have a desire to learn, are willing to move forward in reaching an educational goal without prodding, and willing to ask for assistance when needed.

  • Independent study habits: Students can study on their own to achieve academic success without direct supervision. They can maintain self-discipline and stick to a schedule.

  • Academic readiness: Students are academically capable to handle the rigors of online learning. This would include possessing any prior content knowledge expected of a student in a particular course. (Course prerequisites can be found in course descriptions and course syllabi.)

  • Strong reading/comprehension skills: Students are often required to do more independent reading in an online course compared to a face-to-face course. Students are able to read and understand what they read at or above grade level.

  • Proficient writing skills: Students in online courses often communicate through writing. Students are able to write with clarity as they communicate with their peers and instructor to complete activities and assignments.

  • Effective time management: Students are able to stick to a schedule, stay on task, and complete assignments and activities on time. In an online environment, it is often more difficult for students to catch-up with the rest of the class if they fall behind.

  • Technology skills: Students know how to use a computer and its programs prior to enrolling in an online course for tasks such as creating, modifying, spell-checking, and saving documents. They also are comfortable working with email attachments and searching for resources online. (Any specialized technology requirements or skills needed for a particular course, such as working with a particular learning management system, will be provided by AGVA or the course instructor prior to the start of the course.)