Registration Process

Registration for 2022-23 school year is now open! Some courses do fill to capacity, so enrollment is on a first-registered first-enrolled basis.

AGVA Registration Procedure 2022-23

(2022-23 Registration is now open!)

  1. Parents or students go to and select Fall 2022-Spring 2023 School Year, and then Click here to apply

  2. On the Sign In screen enter either last year’s information or click on Create a New Account. On the Create Account screen enter the requested guardian account information (NOT student information). Click Submit.

  3. On the Start New Student Application screen, fill in the requested student information. (Be sure to select the grade level for the 2022-23 school year and AGVA Part-Time if the student will be taking fewer than six (6) courses per semester through AGVA.) Select Continue.

  4. On the Admission Application screen, read the information and select Continue.

  5. On the Student screen, fill in the requested information and select Continue.

  6. On the Student Supplemental Questions screen, fill in the student’s 2022-23 school s/he will be attending full-time, course selections, student’s email address, and AGVA part-time students indicate if tuition should be invoiced to your school or to you through your TADS account. Select Continue.

  7. On the Household screen, fill in the parent/guardian information and select Create Household. (If another Household screen appears, edit if needed and select Submit and Continue.)

  8. On the Submit Application, Payment Method, and Terms and Conditions screens, fill in the requested information and select Submit.

  9. A Please review the information ... screen will appear. Select Submit if things are correct.

  10. A confirmation screen will appear indicating that the application has been submitted as well as a link to download and print your registration fee invoice if applicable. An email will also be sent to the parent/guardian's email address by TADS indicating the same.

Registration Fee: The registration process is complete once the $35 (part-time student) or $200 (full-time student) registration fee has been received. (Fee increases to $50 for part-time students after Aug. 5.)

Tuition payment: In step 6 above, AGVA part-time students, if you indicated that you should be invoiced for the AGVA course tuition, then AGVA will create an invoice for you to pay directly through your AGVA TADS account about 1 week after the semester begins. (AGVA full-time students will receive additional information on completing a tuition payment plan agreement.)

AGVA part-time students, if your school is paying tuition: AGVA will send additional information to your school for bulk payment of tuition about 2 weeks after the semester begins.


If you encounter problems working with the TADS registration site, you should contact TADS support directly. (Toll-free: 800-477-8237 or Email:

If you have questions on the registration process or course offerings, you are welcome to contact AGVA superintendent, Dr. Jim Grunwald. (Email: or cell: 507-217-1574.)

If you need to add or delete a course selection after you have completed the registration process, please contact Dr. Grunwald as he will be able to make the addition or deletion for you.