Partner School Feedback

As part of the 2019 accreditation process, administrators at partner schools were surveyed. Below is what some of them had to say. (Please note that the name changed from ALHSO to AGVA in 2021.)

  • Greatly appreciate having [AGVA] available.

  • [AGVA] does a wonderful job providing courses and resources for those in outlying WELS districts. It gives all students [an] equal opportunity to take courses otherwise not offered at their ALHS. It also provides for grade schools [that] don't have the high school trained teachers for courses such as Algebra I or geometry. The instructors are firm, but fair, and very flexible when students have issues.

  • I have utilized a lot of online schools and courses. It is only the [AGVA] classes that maintain Christian education for our WELS schools.[AGVA] classes maintain for a parent their purpose of providing a Christian education---they fit naturally in our WELS high schools.

  • [AGVA] is providing our small high schools an opportunity to offer to [their] families a multitude of electives they could not have offered without [AGVA]. THANK YOU for giving this scheduling flexibility and career-related instruction.

  • THANK YOU to the online instructors. You are giving a great resource to our WELS high schools.

  • The [AGVA] teachers are competent and knowledgeable in their respective subject areas. Informal student feedback is nearly always positive about their instructors.