About AGVA

Amazing Grace Virtual Academy (AGVA), formerly known as ALHS Online (ALHSO) is an accredited online service provider and virtual school

AGVA has two primary purposes. 

AGVA part-time students

These are students taking fewer than six (6) courses per semester through AGVA. These students are usually enrolled full-time at a different school from which they plan to graduate and receive their diplomas. Home school students would also fall into this category.

AGVA full-time students

These are students that are attending AGVA full-time (6 or more courses per semester) and plan to earn their high school diploma through AGVA. The 9th grade debuted in 2021-22 followed by the next grade each subsequent year. God willing, the first class will graduate in May 2025!

Mission of AGVA

Develop and offer online courses taught from a scriptural perspective that empower WELS/ELS schools to better serve their students through expanded curricular offerings and provide an online curriculum leading to a high school diploma for students unable to attend a traditional WELS/ELS high school

Philosophy of AGVA

The purpose of AGVA is to support, not supplant, current WELS/ELS schools. Through AGVA, WELS/ELS schools can share quality online courses and qualified instructors, thus strengthening each school’s individual program of instruction and curriculum. Public and home school students can also enroll in courses to supplement their education. 

AGVA also exists to provide the option of a Christ-centered high school education for students not able to attend a traditional WELS/ELS high school.

AGVA Goals

The AGVA strives to

AGVA Core Values 

Christ-centered: AGVA maintains a biblical world-view with Christ as the center of all things. Courses are taught from a scriptural perspective. This perspective is evident in AGVA publications, course content, and the interactions between participating schools, staff, instructors, parents, and students.

Academic Excellence: AGVA engages in a mindset of continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence in its course offerings, instructors, and service to others. Instructors are highly qualified in online instruction and their content area. Courses are held to high standards of online course design and delivery and are reviewed on an annual basis.

Partnership: AGVA views education as a partnership between participating schools, staff, instructors, parents, and students. All work together to support one another in achieving common goals through open communication and mutual respect.

Professionalism with Humility:  The AGVA administration and instructors are highly qualified for their areas of responsibility. All are mature in their faith and model the example of a servant-leader in their relations with others.

Fiscal Responsibility: AGVA is built on a solid cost-effective Christian business model that shares resources between WELS/ELS schools. This allows AGVA to keep administrative expenses low and tuition costs stable. Sound Christian business practices are integrated throughout the operations of AGVA.

AGVA is a para-synodical organization in fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). As such we are in agreement with the WELS What We Believe and the ELS What We Believe statements.