Fact Sheet

The School and its Mission

Amazing Grace Virtual Academy (AGVA), formerly know as ALHS Online (ALHSO), has facilitated the offering of quality online courses taught from a scriptural perspective since 2011. The original mission of ALHSO was to assist WELS high schools to provide courses not typically available to their students due to limited resources. That program has grown to serve about 350 students annually from more than 50 WELS/ELS high schools or middle schools, as well as offer a 4-year high school religion curriculum.

The Expanded Mission

In recent years, AGVA has received an increasing number of requests from families and congregations to offer a fully online high school program leading to a diploma for students living in areas where attending a traditional WELS/ELS school is not a viable option. 

In 2023-24, AGVA offered a fully online 9th-11th grade curriculum for such families. Grade 12 will be added in 2024-2025 with the first high school diplomas issued, God willing in May 2025. 

As AGVA expands, it will continue to meet its original purpose of supplementing course offerings at traditional WELS/ELS schools through online electives for grades 9-12. AGVA also welcomes students that do not belong to a WELS/ELS congregation.

Accreditation and Membership

Amazing Grace Virtual Academy (AGVA), formerly ALHS Online, is fully accredited by the Middle States Association - Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) and the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) through 2027.

Accreditation assures families that AGVA's educational programs have been reviewed by an outside accrediting agency and have been found to meet or exceed the standards set for a high-quality online education provider.

AGVA is affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS).

Students and Faculty

AGVA has about 35 credentialed teachers and serves about 350 students annually with a student/teacher ratio of 10:1.

Academic Program

The academic program at AGVA for full-time 9-12th grade students is a traditional college-prep curriculum. The curriculum also includes many electives for students at existing WELS/ELS high schools to supplement their education, including AP and dual-credit courses.

The courses offered for WELS/ELS middle school students are primarily in the area of high school mathematics and world languages. But, highly motivated and capable 8th grade students are allowed to enroll in some 9th grade courses.

Graduation Requirements

Full-time AGVA students need a minimum of 24 credits for graduation in the following areas.

Religion                        4 credits

English                          4 credits

Mathematics             3 credits

Science                         3 credits

Social Studies            3 credits

Fine Arts                       1 credit

Technology                  1 credit

Physical Education   1 credit

Electives                       4 credits

Part-time AGVA students who are enrolled full-time at an existing WELS/ELS high school will graduate and receive their diploma from that high school and follow their requirements.

Grading Scale

Percentage  Grade   Points

100-90          A           4.0

89-80           B           3.0

79-70           C           2.0

69-60          D           1.0

 59-0            F           0.0


New courses are added annually. See the Course Descriptions document for more details.
(Some courses listed below are still under development and will not be offered in 2023-24.)


English 9

English 10

American Literature

British Literature

World Literature

Science Fiction/Fantasy Lit

Creative Writing


AP English: Lit /Composition


Intro to Christianity

Life of Christ

OT History: Dig Deeper

OT Christian Faith

How the Church Grows

Living Christianity

What Others Believe

Say Pastor, I was wondering



Algebra 1


Algebra 2

Pre-Calculus with Trig


AP Calculus

Consumer Math

Personal Finance

Fine Arts

Art: Creative Process

Art and Architecture

Da Vinci Club

Digital Photography

AP 2-D Art and Design

Music Appreciation

Music Fundamentals

Instrumental Lessons


Physical Science



AP Physics



Medical Terminology

AP Environmental Sci.

Human Anatomy/Physiology

World Languages

Amer. Sign Lang. 1-2

Latin 1-4

German 1-4

Spanish 1-4

Social Studies

World History

U.S. History




Intro to Psychology

AP Psychology

Modern West 


Computer Applications

Intro to Digital Media/Design

Intro to Programming

Game Programing

Computer Graphics

Web Page Design

AP Comp. Sci. Principles

AP Computer Science A

Personal Finance

Physical Education/Health 

Physcial Education


Tuition and Fees (2024-25)

AGVA rates are very competitive when compared to other Christian virtual schools and online course providers. AGVA attempts to keep student costs very reasonable while maintaining high standards for course, instructor, and administrative excellence. 

Part-time students: $45 non-refundable registration fee/year, plus $300 tuition cost per course/semester. (Registration fee increases to $60 after August 5.)

Full-time students: $250 non-refundable registration fee/year, plus $4,500 annual tuition. A typical student load is 7 courses per semester, but students can take up to 8. The registration fee includes course registration, the cost to set up a tuition payment plan, and the cost of student advising services.

7-8th grade students: $45 non-refundable registration fee/year, plus $260 tuition cost per course/semester. (Registration fee increases to $60 after August 5.) (Tuition at $260 is limited to students enrolling in Algebra 1, Geometry, Spanish 1A, and Spanish 1B. With permission, very capable students may enroll in 9th-grade courses but tuition is $300.) 

Some courses will have an additional expense to purchase textbooks or course materials. (Go to Admissions-Course Materials for details.)

Registration and Additional Information

2024-25 registration will open on 02/22/24! Go to Admissions - Registration Process for details. Families can be placed on an informational mailing list by filling out an inquiry form.