Parent Feedback

As part of the 2019 accreditation process, parents were surveyed. Below is what some of them had to say. (Please note that the name changed from ALHSO to AGVA in 2021.)

  • I am very happy to have sent my 2 high schoolers to [AGVA]. It has been a wonderful experience for our whole family; education-wise, spiritually, and personal growth. The staff and supporting church are wonderful. Best decision our family has made in raising our kids.

  • Fantastic experience!

  • Our experience with [AGVA] was a very positive one. I felt the work was appropriately challenging and the instructor was excellent.

  • All the instructors that my sons have had through [AGVA] have been very supportive of my sons' learning. They have shown concern and tried to help when there were misunderstandings as to expectations and they have pushed them to think more critically and apply what they are learning to their lives and their faith. When there have been technical issues either the instructor or [superintendent] have been very helpful to get them resolved. This has been an excellent addition to my sons' educations.

  • We highly recommend using [AGVA] classes to supplement learning and to increase offerings at grade school and above. Instructors are knowledgeable, kind, and focused on student success. An outstanding alternative to classroom-led instruction.

  • I was thankful the [AGVA] option was available to my kids.

  • I'm very thankful for the opportunities [AGVA] gives my kid that wouldn't be there without [you]. I really appreciate all you do and thank God for the technology that allows this kind of distance learning. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

  • I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with the comprehensive reading list and the way our instructor has handled a packed literary syllabus. She truly helps students understand the literature but, more importantly, how the literature reflects societal practice and change and how those two factors also change people. I feel I got more like $5000 worth of education for my daughter than the $500 it cost!