Student Feedback

At the end of each semester, students are given the opportunity to evaluate courses and instructors. Below are some recent comments from students. These comments come from the question: What do you see as the greatest strengths of this course or instructor?

Anonymous student comments on end-of-course surveys

Amazing Grace Virtual Academy Feedback

  • I would like to thank the [AGVA] administration and the instructor for making this course feel like one that I am taking right here in my school.

  • Thank you so much for allowing me to take a class like this that I wouldn't normally have access to at my school.

  • I think that it is cool that people all over the world can access the course, not just people from one school.

Religious Courses Feedback

Life of Christ:

  • The instructor gave us challenging work that really increased my understand of the Bible. He did a great job.

  • This course allows the students to really dive into learning God's Word on their own but with guided assistance.

Religion (Old Testament History: Digging Deeper)

  • Going through the STORIES in the Bible was so great! And going through the meanings.

  • This course really helped me understand the Old Testament better!

Old Testament Christian Faith

  • You get to learn more deeply about the Bible, this is an especially good course to help strengthen your knowledge of the bible.

  • The instructor did a great job of applying the things we learned in this course to our faith. Overall, he did a great job.

  • It is very good at developing communication skills and building up your knowledge of the Old Testament

English Courses Feedback

English 9

  • [The instructor] was nice and she helped with my questions quickly.

  • The [instructors] greatest strength is her understanding and willingness to work with students.

  • You really have a great opportunity to use critical thinking skills and to learn different things from a Christian perspective.

  • Probably the fact that this instructor was very helpful and positive. It made this course a lot easier to get through.

English 10

  • [The instructor] saw the improvements I needed to make in my essays so I could do better in the future. Ultimately, this feedback will benefit me in all aspects of my future outside this course.

  • Greatest strength of this class was how helpful [the instructor] was if I ever had a question on anything.

  • I see the stories as the greatest strength of this course.

Creative Writing:

  • The instructor had an engaging teaching style and was incredibly helpful with any questions and concerns.

  • I really enjoyed this class and I feel as if my knowledge of writing has grown more from taking this than it did when I took creative writing a few years ago. Thank you so much for allowing me to take a class like this that I wouldn't normally have access to at my school.

  • I liked that we explored multiple types of creative writing and I enjoyed getting feedback on my writing which was very helpful. I also liked how our instructor would check in on us during assignments with longer deadlines to see if we had any questions or need[ed] any help.

  • I think that the best thing about the instructor is that she would contact us almost every day asking how things were going and asking if we needed any help with anything.

  • The videos explaining how to write each piece of literature are very helpful and the assignments that require reading examples are also very helpful.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Literature:

  • Everyone taking the course has interest in the topics so the discussion among students is better than any other class I have.

  • [The course] had me very involved with many different types of books I probably would have never even opened or even thought about reading.

  • I was fascinated with the ways we were able to find the deeper meanings in fantasy and science fiction stories, even ones that seemed silly or that I had read before. It also made me start a new list of books to read.

  • The course was a lot of fun and instructive.

AP English Lit and Composition:

  • Answers to questions were clear and came in a timely manner. Video lectures were very helpful. Due dates for assignments gave for enough time to confidently be able to finish them, I didn't feel rushed to complete everything.

  • The teacher's dedication and effective teaching methods have really aided and improved me.

  • The ability to go at your own pace, as well as the instructor providing analysis of the material was very helpful and gave me a greater appreciation for the works that were covered.

  • The instructor was very patient and loving. She cared for all of the individual students and her communication was fast and clear.

British Literature

  • I see [the instructor's] greatest strength to be her kindness and understanding. She is super flexible and understands a busy high schooler's life. Another great thing was she made an effort to get to know me and my online classmates.

Math Courses Feedback


  • This course is not too hard and the instructor is very supportive.

Algebra 1:

  • The instructor was really great! She was always willing to video chat and gave helpful feedback. She also explained things very well!

  • I have probably learned the most in a semester in this math class than ever before. I am thankful that I know how to do a lot of stuff now.

  • [The instructor] was always available to answer any questions! I really appreciated the means of communication this course utilized: the chat, the questions/answers forum, a way to set up a virtual meeting with the teacher...

  • [The instructor] shows and helps with problems really well. There was a couple times I didn't understand the concept but then I met with the instructor and understood it better.

  • The course is very easy to look at and access. The lessons are straightforward and understandable. The teacher is quick to reply and made everything very organized.

Algebra 2

  • They take each step slowly and focus each lesson on what we already knew as well which helped when tests came because I was well prepared and had full practice of everything

  • I think it was straightforward and easy to understand, it teaches new things quickly and well.


  • [The course] provides good instruction and the teacher teaches us very well in the videos.

  • I thought [the instructor] was very responsive and encouraging. It was also helpful when he sent out emails to all his students reminding us of something coming up. It made me feel like I wasn't just interacting with a computer.

  • The course was very helpful to improving my math skills and the instructor had helpful videos and responded to my questions very quick and answered them in a helpful and understanding way.

  • I think that it is cool that people all over the world can access the course, not just people from one school.

  • This course is very useful for 8th graders in advanced math.

  • Explaining things well and with detail in the videos. It helped me learn a lot easier. It is a lot harder to learn straight from the book then to have somebody explain it better in a video.

Science Courses Feedback

AP Environmental Science:

  • The course covers a wide variety of topics but remains focused on Christian stewardship and conservation.

  • [The instructor] is very receptive to the feedback which is really nice. He uses his previous experiences as a researcher and professor to help and share the information that he has learned.

  • The way this class was written made this a fun and engaging class especially for being an online class. The instructor provided videos, interesting stories, and fun comments. This was a nice variety from the reading information in the class.

  • This instructor was passionate and caring. I found myself being more enthusiastic because of his fun applications to topics. His responses were always very personal and prompt. I really liked him as an instructor.

  • I would recommend this course only to those who like to be challenged because it is not easy material, but she taught it spectacularly.

  • I really appreciated her video lessons, without them I would not have been successful in understanding the difficult material.


  • The instructor was one of the best I have had. He was able to respond to my questions in a good amount of time and explain to me.

  • Greatest strength of the course were the Crash Course videos provided in different lessons.

Human Anatomy & Physiology:

  • Even though the entire course is online, [the instructor's] passion for the subject is clearly evident in his lesson guides and feedback. He took the time to make sure that the class felt personal. In addition, he is very knowledgeable and explains everything clearly.

  • [The best thing about this course was] the relations back to God and how anatomy can be used in everyday life.

  • I really liked what the instructor did through his guide sheets. They were easy to read but still contained a lot of good information that I found very easy to remember when it came time to test.

  • [The instructor] makes the lesson guides interesting and fun to read through. His application of anatomy to the real world and things his students might find interesting is very helpful.

  • The note sheets helped a lot. They guided my learning and helped me grasp onto the main ideas of the chapters.

Medical Terminology:

  • [The instructor] was very helpful and responded quickly when we had questions

  • It was evident that [the instructor] cared about his students and sent emails to check progress if it looked like people were falling behind, which was appreciated as well.

Social Studies Courses Feedback

AP U.S. History:

  • The reading guides and videos were a strength of the course.

  • Very clear assignments and fair grading. I liked that we did a few different types of assignments, like worksheets, or slideshow recordings, or DBQ's or longer essays.

  • The teacher was very well versed in the subject and was enjoyable to learn History from, which made the course as a whole more engaging.

  • This course is great because it covers a lot of information in a short period of time. The instructor was very helpful and graded things in a timely manner. He also gave amazing feedback, preparing me well for his tests.

Introduction to Psychology:

  • The expectations for each lesson were very clear and easy to understand, and the material was taught in a concise way.

  • I really liked that there were a lot of discussion posts so that I could talk with other people from different schools about the same thing that I was learning and get their thoughts.

  • It's like an overview of all of psychology which was really helpful for me personally because it made me realize how interested I am in psychology.

  • Everything was laid out very neatly and assignment schedule was laid out as well so the students knew what to expect

AP Psychology:

  • The course overall was really interesting and I often found myself WANTING to read more off of the book, which seldom happens with any other course I take.

  • AP Psychology is one of my favorite classes just because the content we learn is actually interesting and the website is structured very nicely so it makes me want to continue to learn and do the work in this class.

  • I think this course really opens up and shows us how psychology plays such a big role in our everyday life. And I think by doing this course I am now more aware of things such why are others acting a certain way, why I'm feeling this, etc.

  • I think the greatest strength of this course was learning more about your body and mind. It helped you get a clear understanding as of why our emotions are the way they are.

  • The instructor was always understanding of technology issues and setbacks, and helped the students through the material at a good pace and with enough time to review for the AP exam.

U.S. History:

  • [The instructor] did a great job at keeping history interesting and easy to understand.

  • The greatest strength of this course was how well [the instructor] taught the classes and I thought his assignments also kept each of the students engaged in the course and what we were learning.

World History:

  • The instructor was very helpful in the course.

  • [The instructor] didn't overload us with homework and he gave us days where all we had to do was read something. So, we had breaks from homework like how it would be in an in-person class.

  • [The instructor] has been such an amazing teacher throughout this school year. He is very understanding and genuinely wants his students to learn. He made world history very exciting and fun. I loved watching his videos at the beginning of every course, he occasionally made funny jokes and I appreciated that.

  • You can learn things about history, there are many things that have happened in the past. Some history teachers talk about millions of years and evolution, but [the instructor] talked about God in some of his assignments.

World Regional Geography:

  • The class allows you to look in-depth at a region and really breaks it down and you learn a lot about how geography can impact a region.

  • I am grateful for the opportunity MLC has provided to receive college credits from this course.

World Languages Courses Feedback

American Sign Language 1

  • [The instructor] is always happy to help and is always open to any questions. I also like the fact that she puts Bible verses on each week of the daily schedule.

  • The class is unique, and that is probably one of its biggest strengths. It's a history class, a language class, and almost an acting class all rolled into one. The instructor is very understanding and worked with me to figure out the little bumps that I ran into this semester.

  • I really loved how God’s word was incorporated in everything we did.

  • You learned so much about this culture that you know only a little about. It is something that will change your life for the better.

  • [The instructor] uses ASL every day and has experience with what she is teaching us. She also provides a lot of grace.

American Sign Language 2

  • [The instructor] understands the ASL culture and knows the subject well.

  • The instructor always answered my questions and even gave more information on some subjects which was greatly appreciated.

  • Really knows and loves what she's doing, very encouraging

  • Obviously caring about the class and going the extra mile to provide context and background.


  • All good feedback, her quick communication was very appreciated!

  • Since the instructor could speak local Chinese, I was able to learn the accurate pronunciation.

  • I am beyond impressed with how much I learned. I learned much more than expected and am extremely happy. I never would have thought I could learn so much of a difficult language in less than a year. I would recommend this course to others but make sure to preface the heavy workload.

  • I am so impressed with everything I learned this year. I am especially grateful to my teacher. For her extensions on assignments when needed, her understanding, advice and help, and most of all her kindness. Thank you. I can not wait for Chinese 2 in the fall!

German 1

  • It‘s evident that the instructor truly cares about her students. She wants us to succeed and to learn as much as possible, and she demonstrates that in the way she teaches during our weekly calls. She would go out of her way to find useful resources and assignments that she knew would help me.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course, and I really liked the dynamics of it. The calls and assignments were very helpful, and there was always a good variety of assessments.

  • [The instructor] knows the German language and linguists very well and demonstrates this during class; she also deals with underprepared students well and graciously.

  • I think the greatest strength is talking in the meetings and writing things in the Google journal because that's really what puts [this class] above just using something like Duolingo.

German 2

  • Being able to meet once a week [via Zoom] is very helpful for this class. It allows us to go over any parts we had questions on, and actually practice speaking some German. Padlet was also very fun and helpful to use. I liked being able to talk to the Siegen kids.

  • The instructor is helpful and clear. [She] always respond to questions quickly and give helpful advice to help us understand better. The instructor is also very kind and understanding.

  • This course is good. I would say that the textbook that we use is excellent because it helps us understand better. I am grateful for the online dictionary too. It helped me a lot. The instructor was kind and understanding. She answered questions quickly and clearly. She made sure if we had questions or concerns. She always made sure that we were heard and responded to our questions.

  • [The instructor] was very understanding when things came up. It was nice to be able to see my teacher every week.

German 3

  • [The instructor] applies the knowledge to real life and makes learning about Germany a priority. It is nice to learn the German language, but some of my favorite lessons were when she gave us articles to read and reflect on about the traditions or ways of life in Germany.

  • I see the interest portrayed by the instructor, her enthusiasm and education, as well as time flexibility as her greatest strengths. She is always looking for the best way to benefit our learning with selflessness.

  • The greatest strength is the communication. The instructor is more than happy to answer all of your questions and go through things with you that you didn't understand.

  • The greatest strength of this course is that it is helpful for learning and understanding. The greatest strength of the instructor is that she is understanding and kind. She doesn't want to rush our learning because she knows that people learn at different paces. She is very helpful and understanding.

German 4

  • Able to answer questions efficiently

  • Good mix of grammar, vocabulary, and speaking.

  • She puts herself in the students' shoes in that she never expects something absurd like some teachers. She gives the class a variety of ways to practice the German language and also to learn about the geocultural aspects surrounding it. She does not overuse the curriculum; we are being shown natural use of the language in other media.

  • [The instructor] is very good at incorporating all types of lessons and assignments into her courses, especially real-world news, short stories, and prompts to express our own opinions.

Latin 1

  • This course does exceptionally well at teaching the rules and mechanics of Latin. Also, Latin 1 does well at teaching the different aspects of Roman culture

  • The course and the textbook were completely in sync. There wasn't a time when something online didn't match the textbook I had in my hand.

  • I think that [the instructor] is very well equipped to teach Latin, and he organizes everything well.

Latin 2

  • [The instructor] is very patient and understanding. His feedback is greatly helpful. He professes his faith as well.

  • Clear and great instructions and guidelines to do assignments and assessments, very fast responses from email, and very good at pointing at my errors in an easy way to understand.

  • It helps with understanding the English language more.

  • In terms of the course: As time went by, I started to notice how big a role Latin plays in English, and how it often goes unnoticed. So a big strength of the course was to teach me how to notice and perceive words differently. The instructor gave detailed feedback, making mistakes known and giving me the chance to rectify them in future assignments.

Latin 3

  • [The instructor] is very clear when it comes to assignments and also is understanding/empathetic about extensions. The course has a lot of helpful videos/resources if I get stuck and confused.

  • [The instructor] is very receptive and responsive. His answers to my emails are immediate and helpful. He sends out a helpful email each week, telling us what to expect for the week's assignments.

  • [The instructor] has very clear expectations, gives a reasonable workload - not too much or too little - and is quick to respond to any questions I have.

Latin 4

  • [The instructor] gives very clear feedback. Keeps things consistent and the content was very well organized.

  • The feedback I got on my lessons was very thorough and really has helped me.

  • The instructor, always gives good feedback and will answer any questions I email him about. He also sends useful weekly emails detailing what I need to know for the week.

Spanish 1A

  • I loved the instructor. I think she did a really good job of providing help when needed. I also like how nice and flexible she is. I have learned a lot of grammar so far which will definitely help me with higher levels of Spanish.

  • [The teacher] is such a loving instructor who cares about us and wants what is best for us. She really makes us thrive and wants us to succeed!

  • Clear expectations, average workload, helping and beneficial instructor

Spanish 1B

  • The course is very good at teaching grammatical work and how to write Spanish, and the instructor is very good at teaching the material in different ways, sometimes explaining it in the form of a recording or just writing it.

  • This course is set up very well, and it supplies many tools that help you complete your assignments. The instructor set clear expectations and made learning fun.

  • Everything was explained well, it was all neat, she responded quickly, helped me, and just was always happy.

Spanish 1

  • I could learn a lot of Spanish from this course.

  • The instructor responds very quickly and is understanding of other events in my life.

  • The greatest strength of the class was the videos [the instructor] did for our assignments and the quizlets she created!

Technology/Business Courses Feedback

Introduction to Digital Media and Design

  • The instructor made the directions clear and precise, and responded and graded my assignments very quickly. She also offered additional help to me when I asked.

  • The course was well balanced and seemed to have taken into account the fact that we as students have other classes to worry about and therefore didn't overload us with deadlines and homework.

  • [The instructor] clearly has a vast knowledge about digital media. I wasn't sure if an online class would be hard or not but [the instructor] taught it so well that I was excited to do my assignments every week.

  • I see that connection and availability are the greatest strengths of this course and instructor because there were not many students in the class which means better one-on-one with the instructor and the instructor did a very good job at responding in a reasonable time and with complete help and less confusion.

Introduction to Programming:

  • This class has been so much fun and I'm a little sad it's almost over. But in the end, I've learned what I came here to learn: how to program. In the end, I'm glad this course has been such a good time.

  • This course has been amazing. I'm so glad I took it, and I can definitely see programming in my future.

  • [The instructor] is an expert, he can guide you through any question/trouble and let you do the work to figure it out, I personally loved having him as a teacher, he explains stuff clearly, and was able to effectively teach the course

  • It really focused on the building blocks for programming with JavaScript, and now I feel like I have enough knowledge to program some small things by myself.

  • The course is packed full of helpful content for the topics it discusses. And the instructor was very helpful in each lesson as well as when answering additional questions. I enjoyed his interested attitude when responding to students; he was very fun to work with.

Game Programming:

  • The instructor was very nice and helpful.

  • The instructor was very kind and provided help when needed.

  • The course was clear on all the steps and how to do the assignments. I like how the instructor has experience, she knows a lot about what she's teaching us and responds to messages and emails quickly.

Web Page Design:

  • When working through the lessons the instructor explained what we had to complete very well. Usually, in an online class, the instruction can be hard to follow but I did not see anything like that in this course.

  • I could tell the instructor was very knowledgeable in this field and he did a great job explaining things in an understandable way.

  • The greatest strength was how well, and clear [the instructor] described each assignment. His videos for almost each lesson were very helpful too.

Computer Applications

  • Instructor feedback was beneficial and given in an appropriate amount of time.

  • I liked learning about different things to do on a computer! It was fun!

  • This instructor was very helpful and if I had any questions/concerns she would almost immediately respond which helped me out a lot during this course.

AP Computer Science A

  • It was very well organized and covered all of the necessary content.

  • Clear expectations. Can learn a lot about Computer Science.

  • You are able to go at your own pace and it is very easy to keep up with. I can be very flexible with my schedule and still absorb all of the necessary information for the test/

Fine Arts Courses Feedback

Art: Creative Process:

  • I enjoyed the flexibility of an online course and I liked the art history in the class.

  • This course was really well planned out.

  • I think a good thing was that my teacher answered really fast when I had a question.

2D Art and Design:

  • This course leaves a lot of room for creativity and independence. The instructor is very open to and appreciative of ideas, which is helpful to a self-doubting artist.

  • [The Instructor] gives feedback very quickly and is very honest about her critiques. Very nice, and genuinely seems excited to teach this course.

  • The instructor is very encouraging and open to every one of our ideas. I appreciated her optimism and attitude; she helped ease some of the stress of the course through her positive reminders!

Digital Photography:

  • [The instructor had] quick responses and [was] very knowledgeable when it came to photography and good technique.

  • The instructor put in time to write thoughtful messages on every assignment.

  • I used to think there wasn't much to photography, but I am a lot more interested in it after this course.

  • Our teacher really enjoys what she does and makes that clear with the way she teaches class

Music Appreciation:

  • One of the greatest strengths of the instructor was the fact that they were willing to help with any question and provided great answers.

  • [The instructor] has a big heart and wants everyone to succeed and know about God. [The instructor] was really good about getting back to me with any questions that I had despite the time difference.