Student Feedback

At the end of each semester, students are given the opportunity to evaluate courses and instructors. Below are some recent comments from students.  These comments come from the question: What do you see as the greatest strengths of this course or instructor? 

Anonymous student comments on end-of-course surveys 

Amazing Grace Virtual Academy Feedback 

Religious Courses Feedback

Life of Christ:

Religion (Old Testament History: Digging Deeper)

Old Testament Christian Faith 

English Courses Feedback

English 9

English 10 

Creative Writing: 

Science Fiction/Fantasy Literature:

AP English Lit and Composition:

British Literature

Math Courses Feedback


Algebra 1: 

Algebra 2


Science Courses Feedback

AP Environmental Science: 


Human Anatomy & Physiology: 

Medical Terminology: 

Social Studies Courses Feedback

AP U.S. History: 

Introduction to Psychology: 

AP Psychology: 

U.S. History: 

World History:

World Regional Geography: 

World Languages Courses Feedback

American Sign Language 1

American Sign Language 2 


German 1

German 2

German 3

German 4 

Latin 1

Latin 2

Latin 3

Latin 4

Spanish 1A

Spanish 1B

Spanish 1

Technology/Business Courses Feedback

Introduction to Digital Media and Design 

Introduction to Programming: 

Game Programming:

Web Page Design: 

Computer Applications

AP Computer Science A

Fine Arts Courses Feedback

Art: Creative Process: 

2D Art and Design:

Digital Photography: 

Music Appreciation: