Dual-Credit Courses

AGVA dual-credit courses are offered in conjunction with Martin Luther College (MLC) and are available for high school and college credit. (See the AGVA Course Descriptions document for course information and prerequisites.) 

The following dual-credit courses are currently available:

Information from MLC

It is possible for high school students to receive a transfer of three college credits from Martin Luther College (MLC) for completing each dual-credit course. The courses cover the same objectives, content, and assessments as the single-semester courses offered at MLC. 

Since the Higher Learning Commission accredits MLC, you should also be able to transfer these credits to any college of your choice, provided you enroll in a program at that college where a course like this counts as part of the program requirements for your degree and the college allows you to transfer in credits for such courses. It is suggested that you check with the college you plan to attend to see if it will accept the credits from MLC before applying for college credit through MLC.

The Modern West course is required in MLC's Pre-Seminary, Staff Ministry, Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education programs. It is part of some, but not all, Middle/Secondary programs. If you plan to enroll only in a Middle/Secondary program at MLC, you can check the specific MLC program plan you are interested in to see if this course will apply.  

As a licensure requirement course, Modern West has several key Minnesota teaching standards connected to the course’s outcomes.  Therefore, when gaining credits through MLC, your final grade will be included and applied to your MLC transcript.  Since this is a grade transfer course, a grade under a C- may have academic consequences.

Receiving High School Credit

All students enrolled in a dual-credit course will receive high school credit through AGVA and your high school. 

Receiving College Credit

If you also wish to receive college credit through MLC for an AGVA dual-credit course, you need to complete a separate registration form with MLC during the same semester you are enrolled in the course through AGVA. To do so, go to the MLC Credit for AGVA Courses website and register between October 15 and December 1 for a first-semester course and between March 15 and May 1 for a second-semester course and pay the $50 administrative fee per course to MLC. (See the MLC website for additional information.)

If you plan to attend a different college, once you have registered with MLC and completed the course(s), you will need to send a Transcripts Request form (along with the $10 fee) to the MLC Records Office requesting that they send a copy of your MLC transcript to the college you plan on attending.

If you have any questions on the MLC registration process or credit transfer, please contact Lisa Fenske at fenskelk@mlc-wels.edu in the MLC Office of Continuing Education.