Student Feedback

At the end of each semester, students are given the opportunity to evaluate courses and instructors. Below are some recent comments from students.

Anonymous student comments on end-of-semester surveys:
semester 1, 2020-21

American Sign Language:
I really enjoyed the first semester and I can't wait for the second one.

The instructor replies fast. A great strength is that you learn about the ear and the culture too.

[The instructor] wants us to grasp the information and ALWAYS encourages questions. He never makes you feel bad for not understanding something.

He responded to things in a timely manner and knows what he's talking about.

The instructor does a good job of asking for student feedback and changing the lessons accordingly. He also does a good job of showing things at a reasonable pace to learn efficiently.

He is really good at communicating and understanding any issues we might have. He always had the information we needed up in time, and if something was not working, he always had it fixed within around an hour of someone telling him that something was wrong. Overall, he's a really great teacher, and his course is amazing!

He is very good at clearly explaining ideas and signs in ASL.

He definitely knows the content he's teaching. As he's hard of hearing, he's been using ASL for quite some time, so he has quite a bit of insight in answering questions his students might have.

The class is unique, and that is probably one of its biggest strengths. It's a history class, a language class, and almost an acting class all rolled into one. The instructor is very understanding and worked with me to figure out the little bumps that I ran into this semester.

The instructor is very kind and patient with her students.

My instructor was very understanding, and she was always encouraging me. She would give us plenty of time to finish the assignments, so we didn't feel pressured on a night where we already had a bunch of other homework.

The instructor would communicate with me whenever I had questions, and she was always available to help.

She is very approachable which was nice because she made me feel more comfortable with my knowledge of German.

We are able to meet through a zoom call with our instructor to talk about any questions we may have had, and go through more challenging lessons together.

The instructor is a very kind person who is very knowledgeable and guides you through difficulties well.

The great amount of aid from the instructor really helped me understand some concepts well. The course challenged me and helped me become more educated and advanced in my German.

The course immerses you in the German experience, not just teaching you the language.

My instructor was very good at answering my questions and giving feedback on my assignments.

He was very encouraging and helpful when I emailed him for help.

Good communication with the students.

The feedback that I got from all of my assignments was really good.

[The instructor] was very helpful with feedback, he is a good teacher, and helped me a lot. I learned quite a bit, and I had fun learning.

[The instructor is] kind, willing to give students missing materials, and maintains the course well.

I really like how positive my teacher is. I can always look forward to my chats after school even when I have a bad day.

This instructor was very helpful.

[The instructor) would help us, especially in chats, and she would walk us through things and be very encouraging. She made me just want to do the best I could.

[The instructor] was supportive, even though I felt like I didn't do enough, she encouraged me to keep going.

My instructor provided so many resources I could use, and she responded to my questions with detailed, clear answers.

The course gives a deeper understanding and insight to people wanting to expand their Spanish skills.

She is very good at Spanish. She's very knowledgeable and knows a lot.

I loved this course. Thank you!

When I ask her a question, she answers me very soon, and she is always willing to video chat with me if I need extra help with my math lesson.

The instructor was very helpful and always had time for video chatting which was nice.

The instructor is friendly and helpful even if you struggling.

I learned stuff in this course more easily than in other places.

I have probably learned the most in a semester in this math class than ever before. I am thankful that I know how to do a lot of stuff now.

She is very helpful when I have questions, and responds the day I ask the question. She is also very fast at giving feedback. This course also pushes me a lot so I think that is good too.

The instructor provides very clear instructions and provides necessary support promptly. The teacher/instructor is very positive and encouraging.

I thought my instructor was super helpful and super flexible. Definitely helped me a lot in this course.

The instructor was very helpful if I had any questions and I liked that the course was switching up the practice sets and the problem sets so that the workload was not too much.

The instructor would always answer questions in a timely manner.

Learned a lot about Geometry and proofs.

It was easy to know when my assignments were due, and if I hadn't done them in time.

The guide sheets are always clear on what the assignment is.

AP Psychology:
The instructor is very patient with his students and that the information learned in this course is very applicable to real
-life scenarios.

I am able to apply things in the course to real-world situations.

The course overall was really interesting and I often found myself WANTING to read more off of the book, which seldom happens with any other course I take.

The directions were very thorough and easy to understand.

My instructor was always very understanding and made me feel good about asking questions.

The fact the course can be worked on at any time is great and the variety of instruction methods (video, quizzes, reading the book or other articles, writing responses) kept me engaged.

The teacher is very knowledgeable.

He knows the material well and does a very good job of explaining it clearly.

The [course] website is very organized and easy to manage. Also, the instructor responds to emails in a reasonable time frame and is very understanding of due dates.

The instructor did a great job of laying out the topics for the course, and the instructions for each topic were very clear and easy to follow.

This course is very applicable to life because it explains many everyday things that occur.

I feel that the instructor has a way of clearly and concisely stating what is required for each assignment. This course also allows me to work on my own time which I feel creates more responsibility for me.

AP Psychology is one of my favorite classes just because the content we learn is actually interesting and the website is structured very nicely so it makes me want to continue to learn and do the work in this class.

AP Environmental Science:
[The instructor] is very receptive to the feedback which is really nice. He uses his previous experiences as a researcher and professor to help and share the information that he has learned.

He seemed that he always was there and wanting to help. He always explained everything very clearly and taught me a lot of things.

The organization is done super well. Everything that is expected of it is laid out in a great fashion.

The instructor was very interactive with the students and did a great job in discussions and when questions were asked.

The course covers a wide variety of topics but remains focused on Christian stewardship and conservation.

Human Anatomy & Physiology:
The amount of information I was able to learn in this amount of time is amazing.

I think the layout was great and easy to follow. The instructor also related the content to everyday life and made it interesting.

It's a very helpful class, and I have learned a lot from this class. The teacher is very reasonable and easy to ask questions to.

While the course had a set structure it was also very personalized. Each activity was done by each student, and most of the time our results would be different.

The instructor was very understanding and responsible.

The course itself is wonderful, but [the instructor] makes it even better. He is very kind, even when I ask ridiculously dumb questions, and he always provides help when I need it most.

Even though the entire course is online, [the instructor's] passion for the subject is clearly evident in his lesson guides and feedback. He took the time to make sure that the class felt personal. In addition, he is very knowledgeable and explains everything clearly.

[The instructor is] very clear with instructions and assignments and very good at communicating with the students.

The instructor for the course is very efficient. I never found myself not having enough time to complete notes, tests, or ask questions. The instructor was very on top of things and always giving updates about fixed links within the lesson or anything else a student could possibly need.

The class was great and I really enjoyed it!

Thank you for all your hard work; I really, really enjoyed this class! :)

Introduction to Multimedia:
Both the instructor and the course were very helpful with the teaching of different forms of media.

Being able to get quick responses to questions made the course easier.

The instructor made the directions clear and precise, and responded and graded my assignments very quickly. She also offered additional help to me when I asked.

The course was well balanced and seemed to have taken into account the fact that we as students have other classes to worry about and therefore didn't overload us with deadlines and homework.

Topics were explained in easy-to-understand ways, making the projects also easy to understand and allowed the focus to be on the actual material.

Introduction to Programming:
[The instructor] was excellent at responding quickly, and with help.

[The course] was well designed, I learned the basics of a lot of things, feedback was quick and helpful.

[The instructor was] helpful and knowledgeable, he was the greatest resource to go to when help was needed.

[The instructor] is great at teaching on Zoom. He seems very nice.

The instructor seems like someone you can just talk to and is easy to go to if you need help.

The teacher is very responsible and replies to messages in a timely manner.

The Instructor gives new information in easy-to-digest pieces that make creating a new project always an enjoyable task.

The instructor is probably one of the best. He took time to help me during his own son's birthday because I was behind the others. He is a good man, a great teacher, and he shouldn't stop doing what he loves.

This course was very enjoyable and helped me grow my computer skills into coding, which I did not know much about before this course.

This class has been so much fun and I'm a little sad it's almost over. But in the end, I've learned what I came here to learn: how to program. In the end, I'm glad this course has been such a good time.

This course has been amazing. I'm so glad I took it, and I can definitely see programming in my future.

Web Page Design:
I could tell the instructor was very knowledgeable in this field and he did a great job explaining things in an understandable way.

The instructor was very helpful and provided good examples and walkthroughs for the assignments.

When working through the lessons the instructor explained what we had to complete very well. Usually, in an online class, the instruction can be hard to follow but I did not see anything like that in this course.

The instructor did a good job explaining the assignments. The videos really helped a lot with that.

Thanks for being such a great teacher this semester!

World Regional Geography:
The instructor really seemed to know what she was talking about and seemed very passionate about what she was teaching.

The class allows you to look in-depth at a region and really breaks it down and you learn a lot about how geography can impact a region.

I understand a lot about geography and what it consists of now. The course and instructor taught it well.

It was clear on how to complete the assignments.

I am grateful for the opportunity MLC has provided to receive college credits from this course.